Reborn J was started as a memory for work of hands done to make everyone beautiful. It is a brand for everyone be it a city or country girl.   Reborn J products can be worn anywhere regardless of the lifestyle. The purpose of Reborn J is celebrating every person by creating comfortable and up to date fashion. It is about fashion designed to represent body shape, size and personality. Reborn J thrives   in making fashionable clothes that people can wear fast and also comfortably.  This brand is all about sharing and it intends to share more its prosperity with others as long as it exists,

Reborn J Products


Reborn_JReborn J has good tight leggings that cover legs. These are versatile leggings that can be worn with tee shirts, shorts , skirts or other fully covered garment that covers the fully.

as a skirt, a large t-shirt, shorts, or fully covered by an outer garment, such as a full length skirt.


Reborn J has different types of jumpsuits with long pants and full sleeves.  Most of products have connected top and bottom.


These tunics are in form of loose garments that reach up to the knee. They are designed to wear with pants, skirts and shorts.

Other Reborn J products are

  • Dresses
  • Plus size clothes for big bodied individuals
  • Outerwear
  • Skirts
  • Pants
  • Moms and kids clothing

Ordering Reborn J Clothes

dresses_productsReborn J   wide range of clothing products are easy to purchase from any part of the world. The clothing seller has made it easy for all customers to get the products by placing their orders online. The first step to making an order is by creating an online account with a dealer of these outfits. After creating an account it is possible to view the details of each product online.

Pricing is also provided. To make an order, customers are required to order using an online purchase order. Making the first order is more detailed but the process is easier and faster for subsequent orders.    Customers processing their first orders have to submit information about their business license; their seller’s permit and fill provided forms.  For international orders, it requires a buyer to present a valid photo ID as well.

Purpose of An account

Some Reborn J enthusiasts might wonder why it is necessary for them to create an online account. The reason is that it is more convenient   for the sellers and well as the buyers. Buyers who have an online account enjoy these benefits:

  • Easier order tracking
  • An opportunity to get special offers
  • Access to quick style reviews

Wholesale membership

The qualification to be wholesale member is for the interested buyer to produce valid resale or business license.

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Wannabe surfer, coffee addict and lover of motorcycles.

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